Golf for Kids started out in 1999 with a desire to raise money to help one little girl who needed a hand. The tournament raised over $14,000 that year and through the unrelenting commitment of organizers, sponsors, donors, golfers, partners, and volunteers, Golf for Kids has grown to become one of BC’s premier fundraising events each year.

The 2017 Golf for Kids Charity Classic marked our 19th year raising money and awareness for BC kids in need and their families. And we’re not done yet!

Here are some quick facts about our history, how we’ve grown, and who we support:

Golf for Kids by the Numbers

Total amount raised to date:   Over $5 million for local children’s charities
Total number of golfers last year:   192
Number of volunteers last year:   110
Number of volunteer hours last year:   4,000
Number of prize donors last year:   100
Number of sponsors last year:   74
How much we appreciate our volunteers, prize donors, and sponsors:   Infinite amounts!