Meet our 2021 Dream Kids


Our 2021 Dream Kids

Meet the kids needing your support

You know that the Golf for Kids Annual Charity Golf Classic is all about the kids. The reason we get together each year is to make a real difference to the lives of Vancouver Island children. Over the past 22 years you’ve helped us raise 7.9 million dollars which has directly benefited children’s charities, trusts and organizations – Thank You!

It’s our privilege each year to be able to introduce to you some of the kids who need your support. Like twins, Amelia and Keira, who want tools to support communication; or Salomon who needs surgery to help him to run and play with his friends; or Grayson, who more than anything wants to take a trip with his grandparents.

Meet our 2021 Dream Kids

Amelia and Keira, age 6.

Rett syndrome and seizure disorder make communication very challenging for these twins. Their Dream is for a mounting system for their communication devices. 

Salomon, age 12.

Severe cerebral palsy makes it hard for Salomon to run and play. His Dream is to travel to New Jersey for specialized surgery. 

Grayson, age 10.

Grayson has a complex cardiac condition requiring a large amount of time in medical appointments and hospitals. His Dream is to take a family Caribbean cruise. 

Maya, age 16.

Maya was diagnosed with type 1 mucopolysaccaridosis. Her Dream is for a stair glide. 

Kashton, age 18.

Kashton has both cerebral palsy and epilepsy. His Dream is a therapeutic hot tub.

Grayson, age 10.

Greyson has type 1 diabetes. His Dream is a constant glucose monitor.

River, age 11.

River was diagnosed with epilepsy. Her Dream is for a trip to Hawaii.

McLean, age 15.

McLean has cerebral palsy. His Dream is for an adaptive outdoor chair. 

Jack, age 18.

Jack has both seizure disorder and down syndrome. His Dream is an adult adapted stroller.

James, age 17.

James was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with seizures. His Dream is for a therapeutic hot tub.

Maleeyna, age 6.

Maleeyna has epilepsy and seizures. Her Dream is to have her assistance dog trained.

Gryffin, age 7.

Gryffin has congenital heart disease. His Dream is to swim with sting rays.

“I am a huge fan of Golf for Kids and what this group of dedicated volunteers has done for the community for 22 years. What they give to Help Fill a Dream makes the lives of countless kids so much better as they receive things that they really can only dream about. They also help so many other local charities and events including the Golf for Kids Junior Pro Am at Uplands Golf Course as part of the PGA Canada DCBank Open. What really makes Golf for Kids special is that all the money raised goes to the charities they support.”

Keith Dagg
Victoria Open Golf Society