Meet our 2022 Dream Kids


Our 2022 Dream Kids

Thanks to you - all their Dreams were filled!

You know that the Golf for Kids Annual Charity Golf Classic is all about the kids. The reason we get together each year is to make a real difference to the lives of Vancouver Island children. Over the past 24 years you’ve helped us raise over 9.5 million dollars which has directly benefited children’s charities, trusts and organizations – Thank You!

It’s our privilege each year to be able to introduce to you some of the kids who’ve received your support. Like Theresa, who wanted a communication device to help her connect with her family; or Amy who needed a special off-road wheelchair to be able to take to the trails; or Keygan, who more than anything wanted to take a trip and get away from it all after cancer treatment. Thanks to you, Dreams like these were filled!

While some Dreams are fun like travel and meeting a favourite celebrity, and some Dreams are practical like wheelchairs and therapeutic hot tubs, all Dreams have the ability to transform the lives of children and their families during some of the most difficult times; giving a sense of hope when it is needed most. Dream experiences help improve emotional and physical health. The average cost to fill a Dream is $10,000.

Stay tuned to meet our 2023 Dream Kids!

Our 2022 Dream Kids

Amy cropped
Amy, age 17

Amy has Dravet Syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy that causes frequent, prolonged seizures and many health complications. Amy’s Dream is for a Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair to help expand her horizons.

“The Hippocampe chair will allow us to take Amy outside on the gravel walking trail behind our home that extends for many kilometers to Chemainus. This chair is much lighter and will make walking on this trail feasible. Thank you very much.”

– Amy’s parents

Greyson, age 11

Type 1 Diabetes turns life upside down for kids. It is a life-changing condition that needs to be taken into consideration all-day, every-day. Distracting from school, sports and the normal activities that any 11-year old would want to do, monitoring blood sugar levels and self-administering medication takes a toll. Greyson has a Dream of a trip to Japan that will allow him to soak up the culture, and provides an exciting focus when the day-to-day is challenging.

“Greyson is fascinated by all things Japanese. He is an emerging artist and he wants to learn more about anime. His art provides him with a distraction as he learns to live with his diabetes. He’s really looking forward to his Dream trip to Japan. We are humbled by this opportunity and it is very exciting.”

– Greyson’s mom

Keygan cropped CMYK
Keygan, age 17

A diagnosis of cancer is extremely frightening for anyone. For a child it changes their whole world as well as the lives of their family. After treatment for lymphoma Keygan’s Dream is for a trip to Disneyand and the Marvel Theme Park: places full of magic that will allow him to forget about being sick, and enjoy being a teenager.

“Keygan is looking forward to getting away: seeing the Marvel universe, Star Wars, having some fun, travelling, eating take-out food and having distance from his illness. He is our superhero.”

– Keygan’s family

Dalia, age 18

Dalia has Cerebral Palsy (GMFCS Level 4) which limits her opportunities to be independent. Dalia’s Dream is an Ultralight Manual Wheelchair to help her maintain all the strength in her upper body that she has been working on, since her last spinal surgery, by wheeling herself.

“The Manual Wheelchair will give Dalia independence and confidence, it will give her the opportunity to go places where, with her power wheelchair, it would be impossible to go to.”

– Dalia’s mom

Emma, age 18

Emma’s young life has been dominated by the time she has spent in and out of hospital dealing with complex physical and mental health issues due to Mitochondrial Disease and Seizure Disorder. She is an avid Super Mario fan and her Dream is for a trip to Japan to visit Super Mario World.

“Our family, which includes her brother, Michael, have supported Emma alone now for over ten years. We are all looking forward to this trip as a way of creating wonderful family memories with Emma, that will last a lifetime.”

– Emma’s mom

Massimo thumbs up
Massimo, age 12

Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia has left Massimo with significant mobility challenges. His Dream is for continued ongoing physiotherapy to improve his gross motor skills and build back his confidence.

“When kids struggle at something, they get frustrated and can disengage very easily. With physio comes confidence and more desire to try new things and to take risks. This makes Massimo happy which, in turn, makes his family happy.”

– Massimo’s dad

Lily cropped
Lily, age 13.

When Lily was sick with Burkitt Lymphoma – a fast-growing type of blood cancer – the nurses told her to think about a beautiful place she’d want to visit. Lily’s Dream of a trip to El Salvador to visit her dad’s family provided a focus through all the long months of treatment. She is especially excited to spend time with her family and meet family members she’s never met before, while experiencing the culture her dad grew up in.

“The lasting benefits Lily will have from this trip are wonderful memories with her family and finally experiencing the culture her dad grew up in. She will hopefully learn more Spanish as well. The effect on the whole family will be tremendous.”

– Lily’s family

Grayson closeup
Grayson, age 6.

Being born prematurely can cause ongoing health problems such as Periventricular Leukomalacia including seizures, which Grayson lives with. After trials of many medications doctors have found one that has made a real difference to Grayson’s life, significantly reducing the number of seizures he has. Grayson’s Dream is to have his monthly medication needs met.

“Keppra has become our miracle drug, within a couple weeks I was seeing dramatic decreases in Grayson’s seizure activity. I had my happy little boy back. Unfortunately, Grayson’s prescription has to be made in a compounding pharmacy, which comes with a large cost for such a small amount.”

– Grayson’s mom

Rhys cropped
Rhys, age 1.

At just one, Rhys is having a tough start to his life. Diagnosed with Wilms Tumour he has spent a lot of time at the BC Children’s Hospital. For his mom that means travelling back and forth to Vancouver, and the need to stay nearby whilst Rhys is in hospital. It’s stressful and expensive. The Dream for Rhys is for continued support for travel and accommodation while receiving follow up treatments at BC Children’s Hospital.

“Moving forward, Rhys will now be receiving chemo every three weeks. Having a child with a serious illness creates so much stress and worry, so knowing that I have this financial support has helped me be able to focus my energy, attention and love on him.”

– Rhys’s mom.

Teresa, age 3.

Theresa has Rett Syndrome, a neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way the brain develops, which impacts every aspect of her life. Her Dream is for a Tobii Dynavox Eye Gaze System. This device will help her communicate her needs, play games and create digital artwork.

“The lasting benefits to having a communication device for Teresa is the opportunity for independence and choice for a growing girl.”

– Teresa’s mom

Val12085 - Jake & Coco 1 cropped
Jakob, age 13.

Jakob has Type 1 Diabetes, something that is always with him, and that he needs to learn to live with for the rest of his life. In a life with diabetes, so much of the day is spent on healthcare, it can be overwhelming for a child, and for their family. Jakob’s Dream is a trip to Disneyland, to have memories he can treasure forever, something that is bigger than diabetes.

“Jake has the most kind heart of anyone we know and it will just be such a blessing for us to get to see him swept up in the magic of a place like Disney. We will treasure these memories together and are looking forward to a time to just connect, as a family, and grow even closer together.”

– Jakob’s mom.

Nathan headshot
Nathan, age 7.

Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy is a degenerative condition that means that Nathan’s muscle tone will continue to waste as time progresses. It will make it harder and harder to take part in many of the regular activities that his friends and siblings enjoy. Nathan’s Dream is for a trip to Disney World, to enjoy at his current level of capabilities.

“Nathan is often treated differently than his siblings based on whether he’s able to accomplish certain tasks, where his energy level is, or if there is a higher risk of injury for certain activities as a result of his condition. Experiencing a magical family vacation together I hope may help to strengthen the bonds between Nathan and his siblings.”

– Nathan’s mom.

“Thank you from the depths of our hearts for funding the via mobile [wheelchair drive assist] and portable lift for our son Brayden. The motor assist has opened up all kinds of new walking paths and trails for us to explore and Brayden is so much calmer when he is outdoors! The equipment that you’ve provided for us is life changing and is providing a much greater quality of life for Brayden! Thank you so much!”

Michelle and Dave
parents of Dream child Brayden

“Thanks to Golf for Kids, Junior Golf Victoria has grown from 10 tournaments each spring for 30 junior golfers to multiple year-round programs for hundreds of children. Our beginner clinics and 20 event Tour emphasize fun and proper etiquette as being as important as competitive excellence. So, in addition to producing numerous provincial and national champions, Team Canada members and Canada and US University golf scholarship recipients, most importantly we have produced hundreds of good citizens.”

Jim Goddard
Tour Commissioner
Junior Golf Victoria