Our Dream Kids Update


Our 2022 Dream Kids

Thanks to you - all their Dreams were filled!

You know that the Golf for Kids Annual Charity Golf Classic is all about the kids. The reason we get together each year is to make a real difference to the lives of Vancouver Island children. Over the past 24 years you’ve helped us raise over 9.5 million dollars which has directly benefited children’s charities, trusts and organizations – Thank You!

It’s our privilege each year to be able to introduce to you some of the kids who’ve received your support. Like Theresa, who wanted a communication device to help her connect with her family; or Amy who needed a special off-road wheelchair to be able to take to the trails; or Keygan, who more than anything wanted to take a trip and get away from it all after cancer treatment. Thanks to you, Dreams like these were filled!

While some Dreams are fun like travel and meeting a favourite celebrity, and some Dreams are practical like wheelchairs and therapeutic hot tubs, all Dreams have the ability to transform the lives of children and their families during some of the most difficult times; giving a sense of hope when it is needed most. Dream experiences help improve emotional and physical health. The average cost to fill a Dream is $10,000.

Stay tuned to meet our 2023 Dream Kids!


River’s Dream of going somewhere tropical came true in November when she and her family enjoyed a week at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

River experienced the Day of the Dead celebrations and everything was exactly how she hoped it would be. It was culturally fascinating, with great adventures, hours of swimming in the ocean, delicious food, fun shopping for jewelry on the beach, new music and dancing, movie-worthy sunsets every night, and more.

All of this added up to a much-needed break from life, helping River and her family gain a fresh perspective. She is so grateful for the many memories she made.


James’s Dream of a Softub recently came true in early November. He really enjoys being in the water and the Softub provides a safe place for him to do that whenever he’d like, instead of having to be restricted by public pool opening times or closures.

For James to be able to get in the water more often is very good for his sensory regulation, mental and physical health. He is loving the Softub, where he can relax and be supported by the water and enjoy quality time with his family.


Austin’s Dream of monthly support for diabetic supplies is underway. Austin and his family are so grateful for the continued support of his Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

Having the most up-to-date diabetes management system makes Austin’s life easier, improves his mental health, and alleviates stress on his family. Rather than multiple finger pokes a day, he can have continuous glucose monitoring which is truly life-changing for a diabetic person.


Amy’s Dream of having a Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair has come true. She and her family love having better access to the trails behind her home and spending lots of time exploring and enjoying being outside.

Family and caregivers appreciate how light the Hippocampe chair is and how easy it is to take Amy to places she normally wouldn’t have access to. It’s been a game changer and it gets used every day. Her family is so grateful.


Dalia’s Dream of owning an ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair became reality in November. Dalia really likes the chair because it gives her more independence, it is a lot easier to maneuver and a lot lighter than other chairs that she has had.

By being able to wheel herself in the new wheelchair, Dalia is maintaining the strength in her upper body that she has been working on since her last spinal surgery.


Xavi’s Dream changed from going to a Billie Eilish concert to dogsledding in Whitehorse, YT. Xavi loves dogs so in March her family traveled to Whitehorse and went dogsledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and saw the Northern Lights – it was the trip of a lifetime.

Xavi and her family enjoyed just being together as a family and sitting down to a meal with no outside distractions. They have memories that will last a lifetime.


Massimo continues to receive support for physiotherapy sessions as a result of his cancer treatment.

While in active treatment, Massimo’s motor controls were so impaired that he spent a few months in a wheelchair and struggled to hold a crayon. Both his gross motor and fine motor skills have been impacted significantly.

Thanks to Help Fill A Dream and Golf for Kids, Massimo is receiving the physiotherapy treatment he needs and has made significant improvements from where he was after the completion of his treatment. He is able to get more regular, professional assistance and is striving towards becoming close to his peers in his gross motor skills.

The physio centre where Massimo goes is only for kids, so it is set up to entertain and engage kids which has been a tremendous help in his journey.


Savan’s Dream of traveling to Hawaii with his family finally happened. Savan, his mom, and two sisters went to the Big Island for a time of getting away and making special memories together.

Savan loved snorkeling, watching the sea turtles, and amazing sunsets and they all enjoyed the manta ray night swim. Lots of time was spent hanging out at the beaches and pool.

During Savan’s chemotherapy treatments he’d watch nature TV shows which were a distraction for him and he became quite interested in octopuses, so no surprise that the highlight of the trip was going to the octopus farm…twice!

“Thank you from the depths of our hearts for funding the via mobile [wheelchair drive assist] and portable lift for our son Brayden. The motor assist has opened up all kinds of new walking paths and trails for us to explore and Brayden is so much calmer when he is outdoors! The equipment that you’ve provided for us is life changing and is providing a much greater quality of life for Brayden! Thank you so much!”

Michelle and Dave
parents of Dream child Brayden

“It is not easy to find words to describe what I have experienced while volunteering for the last 14 years with Golf for Kids. It’s been a privilege to help make dreams come true for children with critical health conditions and their families. The hard work and dedication that goes into this event is worth it to see the smiles on the childrens and families faces year after year.”

Danny Van Gylswyck
Golf for Kids Volunteer