Our Dream Kids


Meet Our 2023 Dream Kids!

You know that the Golf for Kids Annual Charity Golf Classic is all about the kids. The reason we get together each year is to make a real difference to the lives of Vancouver Island children. Over the past 25 years you’ve helped us raise over $10.7 million which has directly benefited children’s charities, trusts and organizations – Thank You!

While some Dreams are fun like travel and meeting a favourite celebrity, and some Dreams are practical like wheelchairs and therapeutic hot tubs, all Dreams have the ability to transform the lives of children and their families during some of the most difficult times; giving a sense of hope when it is needed most. Dream experiences help improve emotional and physical health. The average cost to fill a Dream is $10,000.

Meet our 2023 Dream Kids, whose dreams have been fulfilled, all thanks to you!

Dream Filled!

Age: 18
Condition: Testicular Cancer
Dream: Trip to Maui

Alex is looking forward to spending stress free time with his family. He would like to create fun, positive memories that aren’t focused on his illness.

The lasting benefits of receiving his dream will be that he will have some time where he can relax and enjoy himself and put the challenges of his treatment behind him. It will be a positive ending to his cancer diagnosis and hopefully when he looks back on this time, the experiences of his dream will overtake the experiences of treatment.

For us, having Alex receive his dream is amazing. Seeing him happy, relaxed, and stress free will be amazing. Having your child and your brother face a cancer diagnosis is so difficult because we are so helpless. Seeing the discomfort, pain, and worry is heartbreaking. We look forward to watching Alex enjoy himself without
pain and worry. – Kim, Alex’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 18
Condition: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Dream: Disney World

It’s been a dream of Ally’s for a long time to go to Disney World. We’ve had the good fortune to do some family trips to Disneyland previously and those have been without a doubt the best memories. Ally is looking forward to being able to share this special gift with her family and turn what has been a very trying, stressful, and scary time into something positive and fun. Ally is really adventurous and is looking forward to trying new thrilling rides, trying new foods at Epcot, and even meeting the Disney Princesses again as she did when she was just 5.

Going on this trip will create lasting positive memories related to her diagnosis that Ally will always have. Getting diagnosed was an incredibly traumatic experience that Ally and her family are all still recovering from and the opportunity to let loose in Disney World is really just what the doctor ordered. Being gifted this dream is really special.

It’s a parents’ worst, worst nightmare when your child is diagnosed with cancer and there is nothing you can do. Short of coming up with a miracle cure, seeing Ally happy is the next best thing we as parents can hope for. Getting gifted a trip to Disney World is both overwhelming and amazing. We are looking forward to the trip where we can put the worries and what-ifs aside and just do what we do best as a family which is have a good time and create some awesome memories. – Christine, Ally’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 19
Condition: Cerebral Palsy GMFCS Level V
Dream: Ceiling Lift System

Up until a year ago I had no problem bathing Amber, or lifting and carrying her from her wheelchair to her bed or the couch in the television room. Then, in July 2022, Amber had a spinal fusion to straighten her disfigured spine. We spent 3 weeks in hospital, and during that time and her rehabilitation program I was introduced to the Home Lift-system and sling.

The loaner equipment made such a difference to our lives! It not only helped Amber in her pain control (post operation), but also ensured that us parents and carers did not injure our own backs by trying to help Amber.

A million THANK YOUs to the Help Fill A Dream Foundation for helping us fund a permanent Ceiling Lift and transfer system in our daughter’s bedroom, as well as one over her bath. My life will be so much easier, and I won’t have to wait for Amber’s dad to get home from work to assist me in bathing her. I can now do it independently as it is a wonderful, safe system! Also, as we are both in our late fifties (no one is getting any younger!), John and I are relieved that we will be able to comfortably lift our daughter without compromising our own backs. – Sandy, Amber’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 12
Condition: Brain Tumour
Dream: Accessible vehicle while receiving treatments in Seattle

Asher was stricken with a brain bleed due to a brain tumour in 2022 and was inpatient at BC Children’s Hospital for six months. He has started to recover the use of his left arm and leg, but he does not walk or have the strength to stand, so the use of mobility aids has been absolutely vital. Our trip to Seattle Children’s Hospital will be 1000 times easier thanks to Help Fill A Dream’s assistance with renting a wheelchair van.

I cannot overstate what a difference this will make for our family. Instead of lifting him (all 48kg!) in and out of the family car, I will be able to wheel him easily into the van and secure his chair safely. During the week we will go to and from the proton therapy centre for radiation treatment. On the weekends, having the van will mean that we will be able to visit local attractions like the Chihuly Glass and Garden, the Lake Washington Arboretum, and the Japanese Garden. Asher hasn’t been outside of the hospital for six months, so this will give us some normalcy in a not normal time. I’ll have the peace of mind that, wherever and whenever we need to get somewhere, we will be able to do so safely and easily.

From the absolute bottom of our hearts, we thank you. – Kelly, Asher’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 19
Condition: Cerebral Palsy GMFCS Level V
Dream: Disneyland

Austin is really looking forward to visiting Disney California. He is very excited to possibly see Super Mario World.
The trip will bring the family together and build lasting memories for all. It will allow us to put everyday worries aside and just enjoy each other. I hope that Austin remembers the trip for the rest of his life as I expect the rest of us will. Austin’s brother is also excited to spend time together doing things that are fun for everyone.

Thank you again for the opportunity.
– Jason, Austin’s dad

Dream Filled!

Age: 18
Condition: Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (Epilepsy)
Dream: Disney Cruise

Carter’s seizures started at 7 years old. Until then he was a little boy who was learning to read and write and loved playing in the sandbox with trucks. Then he started to have tonic-clonic seizures almost daily – sometimes multiple times a day – and he was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. His brain never has a chance to heal or develop between seizures so his language and skills are stunted at age 7, when the seizures started. He has had brain surgery and has been on countless medications to try to control the seizures but so far nothing has been successful.

Carter loves his family time and because he struggles with memory and putting experiences into words, it will be wonderful to have the whole family together to document and experience everything he sees so we can fill in the gaps for him when he forgets or can’t find the words. – Sarah, Carter’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 14
Condition: Type 1 Diabetes
Dream: Support for diabetic supplies

Cylus was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2017. The impact that this has had in his everyday life has been very challenging for him especially during school hours. Cylus has been able to manage his diabetes with less stress every day thanks to the continued support we have received towards his medical expenses and devices. Cylus currently uses Dexcom sensors and this has made it possible for him to be active in basketball and dirt biking, his two
favourite things to do.
– Julie, Cylus’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 12
Condition: Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy Level IV, Epilepsy
Dream: His own Discovery Adventure Trike

We are an outdoor family and we love to bike ride and hike.Fortunately, Jax has an awesome attachment to his wheelchair that allows us to hike on different terrain. But bike riding for Jax is his favourite activity. We have been very fortunate to have been allowed to have a trike loaned to us from Queen Alexandra year after year. The bike is used both at home and at school. But having his very own, in his favourite colour orange, that fits him through adulthood is the most amazing thing ever! We are beyond grateful to be considered.

This trike will benefit Jax enormously as he knows how to ride a bike (however, like his mother, he is directionally-challenged) so to have a piece of equipment, other than a wheelchair, for his legs to gain strength and muscle is going to benefit Jax as he grows bigger. – Tracey, Jackson’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 18
Condition: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Dream: Los Angeles

James is most looking forward to being a tourist in Los Angeles. His top picks are visiting Santa Monica Pier, an L.A. car show, and going to a sneaker store, he really wants a pair of Air Jordans and at this point they would need to be adapted and customized for his feet. That would be a dream come true for sure!

As his mom and dad the lasting benefits, would be the wonderful memories he gets to create with his brother Ryan. James has been wanting to go to L.A. for a very long time and we never imagined it would happen. He is so limited in the things he is able to do, to see him get this dream will just make us all so happy! Words cannot describe how overwhelmed and grateful we are to get to see James receive his dream. – Nancy, James’ mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 14

Seizure Disorder and Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Dream: Pediatric Trike

Keenan is a happy 14 year old boy. He was born with low muscle tone and his hips were dislocated. As a result, this caused developmental delays. Funding for an adaptive bike would allow Keenan to strengthen his core muscles, and help him reach his developmental milestone.
Being on his bike also calms him down. If he gets funding for his bike, I look forward to spending time with him outside, watching him get stronger so he can pedal by himself. – Tricia, Keenan’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 7
Condition: Severe swallowing and feeding disorder
Dream: Haven Bed

Our family is looking forward to Mark’s transition to his own bedroom, which will provide him with a better quality of sleep at night.

Since Mark has no safety awareness, he will climb and explore without understanding the risk of falls. The Haven Bed provides maximum safety with a sleeping enclosure that has fully meshed sides to offer more ventilation and a comfortable sleep experience for Mark. The fabric mesh is stretched over a rigid heavy duty tubular foam padded aluminum frame that is sturdy and safe and the extra interior and exterior padding we have requested will prevent injury from his head-banging behaviours. The bed’s design allows Mark to get into bed independently, which will be particularly important as he grows up. It also means that we won’t have to lift him into bed as we do now with his crib. This gives Mark more freedom and independence. The entry side of the Haven Bed has an enclosure made from a durable fabric mesh that has a zipper and can be zipped for total safety so that Mark can’t crawl out and wander at night.

Our family is more than grateful of your kindness. – Maria (Grace), Mark’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 13
Condition: Hurler’s Syndrome
Dream: SmartDrive Power Assist for manual wheelchair

Mason has a rare genetic disorder and is a full time manual wheelchair user due to progression of his disorder. He has skeletal abnormalities along with heart and respiratory issues. He can no longer move efficiently without pain and fatigue so we are quite excited to add power assist to his wheelchair.

Mason is most looking forward to going up hills, exploring his backyard, and going to the beach. Adaptations to his chair will help him keep up with friends, strengthen his self-confidence and independence, and explore new opportunities within our community. There are many places he’s never been because they aren’t accessible to him – and now they will be! As his mother, the power assist will reduce my stress about how to get him to certain places and I’m so happy to know he will be included more in school and social gatherings. As a family we will have more opportunities to do things together. – Katie, Mason’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 17
Condition: Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 1
Dream: SmartDrive Power Assist for manual wheelchair

Maya has a rare genetic disease called Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 1. It is progressive and there is no cure. Maya uses a manual wheelchair and enjoys being able to push herself around. She is graduating from high school this year and heading to UVic in September where she will be studying Psychology and Environmental Science. We realized that she wouldn’t be able to push herself around the large campus so we looked into getting her a power assist for her chair. The Smart Drive is a lightweight attachment that allows her an opportunity for 80% fewer pushes and helps with inclines. She can even use her Apple Watch to control it! This is exciting technology but as usual it comes with a big price tag. That’s where Help Fill A Dream makes these dreams come true by offering financial support for this expensive but necessary equipment. We are extremely grateful to Help Fill A Dream and all those that support their efforts to provide life-changing opportunities to those in our community that face barriers. This gift has given our daughter Maya the gift of independence which is so important for her as she launches into the adult realm.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
– Lisa, Maya’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 12
Condition: Cystic Fibrosis
Dream: Disney World

Maysa says she is looking forward to “doing something super fun with my entire family, that we wouldn’t normally be able to do, that would take my mind off doing all my therapies and hospital visits and medications for CF!”

I think receiving her Dream will be something Maysa will always remember – the Dream itself, but also the spirit of the Dream. She has been through so many hard things with CF, and so many painful and sad things. To be given a wonderful joy-filled trip will be so sweet for her. I know she is old enough to understand what an amazing gift it is. I hope one day she will be able to pay it forward!

I know participating in Maysa’s Dream will be so sweet for the entire family; Maysa’s health has been the centre of our lives since she was born, and literally every decision is based on maintaining her health. It takes all of us to support her, and often that has been hard; many times, her siblings have had to sacrifice something important to them because Maysa’s health has to come first. Maysa’s Dream will be a gift for them as well, and it will be amazing to participate in something so special. It will mean so much to all of us. And again, I hope one day we will all be able to pay it forward. – Sarah, Maysa’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 17
Condition: Cerebral Palsy GMFCS Level IV
Dream: Wheelchair lift/conversion for van

Once the wheelchair lift is installed, Mac will be able to take his wheelchair everywhere! He’ll be able to participate in activities better and attend the social outings he so enjoys. The lift will tremendously help Mac with transportation to and from university, allowing him the opportunity to expand his education. An accessible vehicle will help him to attend medical appointments without having his body affect his outcomes. Sometimes he is too tired to take the test, show what he knows, or give true indication of his abilities.

To go out, to say yes when invited somewhere, to be able to give his full attention and commitment, and have the actual energy to enjoy his destination; these are the things that many people take for granted and likely don’t realize the full value of. By providing funding assistance for the wheelchair lift, an incredible difference
will be made for Mac’s participation and potential in his world, time
with his family and peers, participating in his community, and most importantly, keeping him and his family safe.
– McLean and Allison, McLean’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 8
Condition: Brain Tumour
Dream: Disney World

Oliver’s condition requires him to be an inpatient for nearly his entire chemotherapy treatment, around 4-6 months. He loves Star Wars and dreams of experiencing Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World. When he can finally leave the hospital, he is most excited to begin his Jedi training, build a lightsaber, and meet his hero: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Oliver’s life will forever be shadowed by follow up appointments. Giving him this experience will not only revive his spirits after a grueling chemotherapy regimen, but also fill him with amazing memories to hold onto for the rest of his life. After missing out on his childhood for the better part of a year, we know that this dream will give him the gift of being a kid again.

As his parents, it has been agonizing for us to sit by and watch Oliver endure a nightmare. We are living for the days when we can leave all the worry and fear behind us and see Ollie being his adventurous happy self again. We are excited for him to make new core memories with his brother, seeing joy and wonder in their eyes, and hearing them laugh together again.
– Hailee, Oliver’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 5
Condition: TANGO2
Dream: Orthopedic Special Pressure Relieving Mattress Topper and Adaptive Bath Seat

Although Olivia’s metabolic disease has impacted her ability to enjoy life like a typical toddler, she finds great joy in learning how to do things despite her challenges. Recently, she has learned how to take her first few steps, an accomplishment made by her reconstructive hip surgery on January 9th, 2023.

Over the last couple of years, Olivia’s life has been made easier by her wonderful therapy team and the specialized equipment she has borrowed or been gifted with. Since her surgery, Olivia’s borrowed bath chair and orthopedic mattress topper have become especially important and well- loved. Unfortunately, our rental period is about to end. Thanks to the mattress topper, her recovery has gone smoothly, and for the first time in a while, she has been able to experience restful sleep. Her bath seat has also become a positive addition to her overall sensory development and hygiene routine, allowing her to experience the joys of sitting in a bath like many other children her age.

We are saddened to know that her quality of life will decrease when we have to return the borrowed equipment. However, we are also hopeful that with your donations, she won’t have to live without the help she needs.

We are forever grateful for the kindness of this organization, and for all the people who have and will donate to it. – Gloria, Olivia’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 17
Condition: Epilepsy and Autism
Dream: Trivel T350 Adaptive Trike

Owen Dreams of riding his own bike safely at school and out in his community one day. His cognitive abilities make him unable to steer or brake a traditional 2-wheel bike. The adaptive trike would allow his parents, siblings, educational assistants, and caregivers to engage in physical activities with Owen while keeping him safe.

As his mother, I am very excited for Owen to have the chance to experience more independence and to feel the joy I remember from riding a bike as a child.
– Nicole, Owen’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 5
Condition: Type 1 Diabetes
Dream: Insulin Pump

We are really excited for the opportunity to receive an Insulin Pump to allow freedom with Tyson’s meal and snack time as he loves to snack all day long. It would add quality to our sleep, especially when Tyson runs high in the night and is woken up to get insulin injections — the pump would be a silent approach to giving insulin without disturbing him.

The pump will be a great asset to regulating his blood sugars without having to constantly feel like we’re juggling new doses. It will give Tyson a new wave of independence as he grows older and is able to learn more about how to administer his own insulin in a quick and easy way instead of using an insulin pen. The pump allows other family members to give Tyson his insulin who may not feel comfortable giving injections (or have a fear of needles); which in turn gives mom and dad some freedom as well.

We are so grateful and so looking forward to this next step in Tyson’s Diabetes Journey. – Skye Tyson’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 15
Condition: Spina Bifida Level 3 Lesion with VP Shunt
Dream: SmartDrive Power Assist for manual wheelchair

Adding the power assist to Sterling’s wheelchair will open up a whole new world of possibilities for him. We are extremely excited to be able to go on more adventures as a family. We love the outdoors and this will enable us to be able to go further and see more things in this beautiful province together!

Sterling is excited for more independence. He loves going for long walks alone and this will make it easier for him to go further and up steep hills that he usually needs assistance with. Thanks so much!
– Alauna, Sterling’s mom

Dream Filled!

Age: 13
Condition: Cerebral Palsy 
Dream: Robotic Gait Training System

Dream Filled!

Age: 3
Condition: Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease
Dream: Monthly support for g-tubes and supplies

Dream Filled!

Age: 15
Condition: Kidney Transplant Dream: Monthly support for travel and accommodation to BC Children’s Hospital

Dream Filled!

Age: 14
Condition: Congenital Myopathy, Hypotonia, Scoliosis
Dream: Complete Bedroom Makeover

“Thank you from the depths of our hearts for funding the via mobile [wheelchair drive assist] and portable lift for our son Brayden. The motor assist has opened up all kinds of new walking paths and trails for us to explore and Brayden is so much calmer when he is outdoors! The equipment that you’ve provided for us is life changing and is providing a much greater quality of life for Brayden! Thank you so much!”

Michelle and Dave
parents of Dream child Brayden

“Golf for Kids is a truly special organization that raises funds to help kids and their families during some of the most difficult times in their lives. Some of these kids are facing challenges that you and I can not even imagine. And they aren’t asking for much, just the chance to be like the other kids their age. Everyone who contributes, no matter what the amount, is sharing a piece of their heart with a family they don’t even know and what a wonderful world that is.”

Ken Coward
Holy Cow Communication Design