Don May

“Our company and family have been attending Golf for Kids (GFK) for over ten years now. We are a Nanaimo-based company and were invited by Corix, who was the sponsor when we first attended.

During our first event, we were blown away by how well-organized and over-the-top the golf tournament was. We had so much fun that we told our friends and colleagues in Nanaimo that they too had to experience it.

After having so much fun the first year, we began to understand the true meaning of the event – actually seeing and meeting the kids and families that we were there to help. Our company has always believed in helping kids, so this event aligned perfectly for us to participate. Myself and my partners have not missed a year since.

Initially, I thought this was a Victoria-based charity, but I soon found out that GFK helped out big time in Nanaimo and other Island communities. I have seen Dale and Murray at many events for the Nanaimo Child Development Centre and others.

We are very proud to be a part of this event!”

Don May
Knappet Industries (2006) Ltd.